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The designer guarantees to all of his patients that if they sprain their ankle in it, he’ll rehab them free.

Does it actually work?

You should buy the brace that would fit in your normal shoe size, or a size larger.

What size should I get?

You can return the Uniloc brace back to us as long as it hasn't been worn or used and we'll send you a new brace in the correct size.

I received the wrong size, what do I do?

It should fit in any type of shoe.

What shoes can I wear with the brace?

Machine wash and air dry. Do not expose to direct heat or sunlight while drying to prevent shrinkage and damage to your support. Make sure the brace is well washed and all soap residue is removed to prevent skin irritation.

How do I wash my brace?

Once an injury is properly rehabbed, the Uniloc can often be applied at 50% weight bearing tolerance to allow pain free walking, without the need for crutches. The brace effectively offloads the injured tissues so the patient can walk without pain or further injury to the affected tissues.

Does this work if I already have an ankle injury?


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